Hello, My name is Rachael Berry. I am a portrait artist from the Isle of Wight working in oils to create hyperrealist paintings.

I am a co-founder of The Undiscovered Creature Project, a creative arts project established to raise awareness and foster interest in habitat conservation and I also co-manage events/exhibit with the Undecided Art Collective here on the Isle of Wight.

Rachael Berry with her paintings at the opening of CULT MOUNTAIN in Hackney Wick

Me with my paintings at CULT MOUNTAIN in Hackney Wick.

Ventnor Studio

My studio in Ventnor

Original works are sometimes available by request and prints of many of my paintings can be purchased through the Available Works section of this website or directly from me on the Isle of Wight (email rachaelberry@hotmail.co.uk).

I also accept commissions.

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  1. Eddy & Trish Mitchell

    Fantastic Talent Fantastic Art Eddy From Surry Yard

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