This Evening’s Progress..

This evening I’ve been working on a new entanglement. I’d already drawn in the basics roughly with watercolour pencils a few months ago,  giving the canvas a good soak in the bath afterwards to even the texture and get the pigment right into the weave of the canvas. After leaving it to dry completely I began today with the oils: First with some whites to maintain the form, then some blue/greys where the light hits followed by some darker background tones.

One really nice thing about painting ‘in this direction’ (rough lights to darks) is that I only used one brush today (synthetic sable flat 1/2 inch) so now I only have one brush to clean before bed (as opposed to the 15+ a night of the later stages) which is amazing because I’m exhausted. This is nothing like finished but I love how quickly they change in these early stages. Hopefully I’ll be posting the finished article before the end of 2013… 🙂


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