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Isle of Arts Festival 2013

This April we were privileged to see the return to to Ventnor of the exceptional Isle of Arts Festival. The three day Festival, now entering it’s fourth year, is a celebration of the Arts and successfully brings together an extensive range of events focusing on literature, music, comedy, visual arts, photography, film and much more in the ‘delightfully eccentric’ seaside setting of Ventnor.


Isle of Arts Visual by Shaun Cuff.

The Undecided Art Collective enthusiastically joined this year’s bill with a special showcase of new work at Dixcey Studios as part of the Arts Trail event. We were treated to some beautiful sunny weather, a serious inundation of really lovely visitors and some excellent live music from Yank Heartstrings on our perfectly proportioned new window stage.

Photo by Chemical Gdns

Photo by Chemical Gdns

Photo by Chemical Gdns


Photo by Stuart Harris of the Pumpkin Tide

Yank Heartstrings. Photo by Chemical Gdns


Yank Heartstrings. Photo by Chemical Gdns


Yank Heartstrings. Photo by Chemical Gdns

Rachael Berry - Christopher Liddiard Black eye

Me with my painting of Christopher and the man himself. Photo by Stuart Harris of the Pumpkin Tide.

Definitely our most successful exhibition to date, the UAC goes from strength to strength and is super proud to have been be a part of the Isle of Arts Festival.

Our next Undecided Art Collective exhibition is already well under way and scheduled to take place during another exceptional Island event, the (frankly fabulous) Ventnor Fringe Festival – 14th > 17th of August this year.

I’ll be posting more information as soon as it’s available. In the mean time if you’re interested in performing at this year’s Fringe event there are just under two weeks remaining to make your submission.

“Applications are open to artists of any creative medium and at any stage in their career.”
“The basic concept is that artists run their own events and keep all of their own ticket sales. The Ventnor Fringe never takes a commission.”

Bloody brilliant!
I had such a great time at the UAC VFringe show last year and would strongly recommend that anyone tempted to get involved with &/or attend this years Fringe festivities should find a nice fat pen and set it firmly in their diaries.


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