Lovely review of my work and ‘Undecided on Love’ on Yoppul

There’s a lovely review of the ‘Undecided on Love‘ show and my work on Yoppul.
Thank guys.

Picture by Thomas Seal of Yoppul.

Me performing Luke Ellison’s piece ‘Broken Hearted’ at Undecided on Love – picture by Thomas Seal of Yoppul.

“Undecided On Love was hosted in the relatively-newborn Ventnor Exchange on Church Street—though the word ‘hosted’ understates the symbiotic relationship between the Exchange team (who also run the annual Ventnor Fringe) and the artists themselves.

I was shown around the room by Rachael Berry, who organised much of the event as well as displaying her own distinctive work. I found myself drawn back to her captivating images of hyperrealistic hearts and flesh.

“I love painting meat,” she offered by way of explanation—joking, but not really. The glistening, tumescent seams of valves and muscle in Berry’s work are uncanny, difficult to look away from. The sheer attention to detail grounds the emotional flights of romantic love in the clinical reality behind all the tropes.

But after you stare into the iridescent layers of colour, Berry’s images happily supplicate and enable the wide-eyed insanity of love with a vivid, hallucinatory symbolism of their own.”

Thomas Seal, Yoppul

Click here for the full review.


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