Rachael Berry: Painter, Portrait Artist, Curator, Illustrator, Cryptozoological Wildlife Artist.

Rachael Berry-4Hello, my name is Rachael. I’m a multidisciplinary Artist from the Isle of Wight, UK currently working predominantly in portraiture using oils.
I have been fascinated by faces my whole life and enjoy the merger of form, feeling and familiarity that is the essence of a person. Skin, I suspect, may keep me entertained indefinitely.

I am also fascinated by familiarity in general: the way we subconsciously absorb subtle characteristics of a place or person to the point that we will recognise someone in silhouette at the other end of the street just from the way they walk, without having had the faintest idea that we knew anything about the way that they move.
It’s something so readily absorbed and processed by the brain. I enjoy trying to represent this familiarity.
It’s more than just the way things look: We find incredibly strong and particular feelings of familiarity in people, places, smells, feelings – and not just in what we might have considered familiar – Sometimes these feelings appear in places we’ve never been and with people we’ve never met.
Much of my text based works (and increasingly my own painting/curatorial/installation projects) are also concerned with familiarity, particularly with unifying forces that we will all have experience at some stage in our lives of such as fear, love, illness, dreaming and dying.
My style is highly figurative. I remember being three or four years old, holding a pencil and thinking, ‘I want to paint and draw things that look like stuff’.
A pursuit of honest figurative representation continues to be a huge drive for my work, fueling a major interest in trompe l’oeil, true spectral reproduction of colour and the way that we see vs. the way that we think we see.
Rachael Berry ArtistThe rest of the time I work as an event co-ordinator and co-manager of the Undecided Art Collective, a group of wildly enthused, experimental inter-disiplinary Artists based on the Isle of Wight.
We exhibit at least three times a year, staging both solo and group exhibitions and working with a wide range of other Arts organisations around the south coast of England to bring meaningful cultural experiences and opportunities to the people of the Isle of Wight and beyond in a friendly, accessible way with the hope to bring mutual benefit to all involved.My commissioned portraits are increasingly sought after and are housed in many exciting private collections. My portrait work recently received some excellent international exposure after four of my paintings were selected to be displayed on giant billboards in Times Square, New York as part of a high profile international arts competition.
A select few pieces of my existing work are available as limited edition fine art prints. Original artworks are also sometimes available by inquiry (although there is currently a waiting list) and I’m always happy to discuss commissions.
For further details and any inquries please email me directly at rachaelberry@hotmail.co.uk.
Thank you

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