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Work in progress…

Work in progress -n rachael berry
Another heavy session on this one tonight. I’ve had less than 13 hours sleep this week and it’s already Thursday. It’s so worth it though.
This is for the Undecided Art Collective show in February, ‘Undecided on Love’. It’s going to be a great show!¬†The Venue is amazing, as are the other exhibitors and it’s such a vast, versatile theme… loads of scope for some awesome, thought provoking work.
If you can make it, it would be great to see you there ūüôā


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Modern Panic IV Private View and Exhibition.

This weekend started with the opening of the fourth Modern Panic exhibition in London.

Rachael Berry with her paintings at Modern Panic IV (photo by S.J Stagg)

Me with my paintings at Modern Panic IV (photo by S.J Stagg)

Curated by James Elphick of Guerrilla Zoo, Modern Panic is a collection of over 70 of the most provocative artists you could hope to find in one place and the first night left no stone un-hurled. There is absolutely nothing bland in this show. Nothing. Be it cake or comic books, everything on display has some way of challenging the viewer to consider more than just the skillful aesthetic. And skillful is the word!

Annabel de Vetten-Peterson

Annabel de Vetten-Peterson (photo by S.J Stagg)

I’ll start with Annabel de Vetten-Perterson. It’s been said but it really is the first thing you hear when people approach her work. “That’s CAKE?!”. I must have heard the phrase 1o times on Friday night. A partially flayed severed deer head has rooted in a chocolate pot and trails a network of dendrite blood vessel roots onto its plinth beneath a serene and somehow playful expression. Very striking. Its single antler is covered with lush green shoots, giving the whole thing a very magical, surreal feeling. I had to smell it a few times to complete the effect. It smelt good.

Buddy Nestor

Buddy Nestor (photo by S.J Stagg)

I’ve been a fan of Buddy Nestor‘s psychic portraits for a while so when I heard his was on the line up I was excited to see them in the flesh. They’re just as striking in reality as they were in the pictures I had seen. Subtle, colourful greys strip away the form of the sitter and create a very pleasing sensation when combined with the loud oozings of colour that throb out of the physical and into the otherwise perceived.

I was really pleased to meet the charming Orli Ivanov and talk to her about her work. Her sculptures set out to immortalize the momentary, the suppressed and the impulsive. They tangibly express the strains of attempt and the Schrodinger-esque dichotomy of hope and desperation that is found only in the ACT, never in anticipation or reflection. Beautiful, honest and charmingly funny.

Orli Ivanov at Modern Panic IV (photo by Rachael Berry)

Orli Ivanov at Modern Panic IV (photo by Rachael Berry

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Throughout the evening several performance art practitioners treated us to more thought provoking displays of creativity and dedication.
Harrie Skully‘s performance was a particular act of endurance, method and dedication.

Harrie Skully performing at Modern Panic IV (photo by S.J Stagg)

Harrie Skully performing at Modern Panic IV (photo by S.J Stagg)

The artist spent the entire evening in a metal cage not much bigger by volume than her own body, covered by a blanket and at the mercy of her audience. Thought provoking, entirely interactive, well presented and easy to understand without loosing its complexity.

“This performance piece looks at the way we regard those imprisoned because their way of being doesn’t operate within the coding of society. ¬†I shall be contained in a metal cage, covered and ‘put to one side’. Taking the imperceptible element of the caged animal, left forgotten, punished for not being human, yet prevented from being animal. During the performance I shall behave as this creature, using the instinct of that beast that lurks with in all to inform my performance, at times expressing the anger and frustration that boils, before once again subsiding into a state of forgotten-ness.”
Harrie Skully

Jack Cole gave a series of personalized performances in which he invited members of the congregation to channel a bespoke prophecy through the airwaves with the use of an old tape cassette recorder.

Jack Cole performing at Modern Panic IV (photo by Rachael Berry)

Jack Cole performing at Modern Panic IV (photo by Rachael Berry)

The participant was adorned with a fetching red hat and, grasping the place where an aerial was once attached to the radio, channeled the information in the air through the speakers to the ears of the Artist who studiously captured the messages in the form of prophetic postcards. A very original invitation and lots fun to watch.

Amy Kingsmill performing her piece 'Discarded' at Modern Panic IV (photo by S.J Stagg)

Amy Kingsmill performing her piece ‘Discarded’ at Modern Panic IV (photo by S.J Stagg)

Among the other performance artists I saw at the event were Amy Kingsmill performing her piece ‘Discarded’ in which she became a doll abandoned on the gallery floor and Andie Macario’s collaboration with Victor Ivanov, ‘Meat Slap’ which saw her repeatedly, mechanically slapped across one bare breast, much to her troublingly suppressed discomfort. Other performers that I missed due to the event being VAST and crammed start to finish were Francesca Fini (performing ‘With an Helmet’), a collaboration by Livy Levingos and Greg Carter called ‘Pig Skin Black Thread’ and Tom Bresolin’s ‘Theatre of Brutality’ with Felicia Kronlof. There was no room for a dull moment. Fully engaging start to finish.

Andie Macario performing 'Meat Slap' (photo by Rachael Berry)

Andie Macario performing ‘Meat Slap’ (photo by Rachael Berry)

There is a mind bending amount of exceptional visual art on show at Modern Panic IV. I was at the Opening event for the best part of four hours and still don’t think I saw it all. Here are just a few more of pieces I particularly liked..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With so much on offer it is impossible to mention every gem to be discovered in the trove of provocative wonders that is Modern Panic IV.
I seriously recommend going along to the Apiary Studios to see it for yourself.

Modern Panic IV will run from now until Sunday the 17th of November 2013 and is open every day between 11am and 7pm at the APIARY STUDIOS, 458 Hackney Road, London E2 9EG with a £3 Admission | Support The Arts.

>>>>>>>(Facebook event page) <<<<<<<


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I’m currently preparing for a big show at the Apiary Studios in London that looks set to be an absolute riot!
James Elphick of Guerrilla Zoo is curating ¬†his fourth Modern Panic exhibition,¬†a unique collection¬†of over¬†60 surreal, controversial & provocative international artists/live art’s practitioners all in one space for nine head-spinning days of surreal and immersive PANIC.


Sneak preview of something I’m working on for the Modern Panic show in November.

I’ll exhibiting a few of my favourite pieces along with some new ones that I’m working on for the show.
The private view is on the 8th of November with a limited number of tickets available on general sale. The show will be open to the Public between the 9th and the 17th of November.

Modern panic iv

Here’s a little excerpt from the website..

“First artists to be announced at Modern Panic IV include rare comic art by visionary cult film maker Alejandro Jodorowsky, Cuban social agitator Erik Ravelo (the man behind United Colours of Benetton’s UnHate campaign, which featured doctored photos of world leaders making out) features his powerful portraits of lost childhood which have been banned & blocked by facebook, the darkly surreal and dystopian sculptures of Parisian Paul Toupet, Italian live artist and technology hacker Francesca Fini, rebellious civil disorder inspired molotov art of Manuel and Max which went viral during the Turkey uprising, and the magic, medicine and religion inspired works of UK artist Lorraine Clarke.

Alongside are insurgent rising stars, the astonishingly realistic work of Sara Le Roy & Rachael Berry, Lucy Sparrow‘s witty and cynically fantastical felt creations, and the transformatively baroque and visceral films of Lauren Jane Williams.

International contributors to look out for are the disturbingly beautiful photographs of French artist Nihil, Spanish artist Celia Arias‘s juxtaposed sacred and profane creatures, and the miniature microchip masterpieces of USA based Yuri Zupanńćińć.”

Last week Guerrilla Zoo announced that performance legend himself Marilyn Manson had been added to the already impressive bill of international artists. Very exciting indeed. I’ve just been trawling through the line-up finding web links for this update and MY GOODNESS there’s some awesome work in there! Well worth a few clicks if you have a moment. This show just keeps getting more and more exciting!

Marilyn Manson

Open to the public:
Saturday 9th – Sunday 17th November
11am ‚Äď 7pm daily | ¬£3

Featuring artists (in alphabetical order):
Karina Akopyan | Celia Arias | Rachael Berry | Rhine Bernardino | Eleanor Brereton | Jodhi Brown-Needham
Lorraine Clarke | Francisco de Pajaro  | Annabel de Vetten Pettern  |  Laura Dron | Omer Gal | Miles Glyn |
Anita Goldstein | Barry Hale | Pernilla Iggstrom | Orli Ivanov | Alejandro Jodorowsky | Marilyn Manson | Max and Manuel | Dominic Negus | Michela Nicchiotti | Nihil Nihil | Bobby Nixon | Jenny Pyrah | Diego Ramirez | Erik Ravelo | Jay Rechsteiner | Bruce Rimell | Sara Le Roy | Rachel Sheppard | Lucy Sparrow | Majali Sulaiman | Paul Toupet | Zilvinas Vaitiekunas | Vortman | Lauren Jane Williams | Trystan Williams | Yuri Zupancic


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Lottie featured in the Times Series

My painting of Lottie was featured in the Times Series today as part of the promo for the ‘In Art We Trust’ Show that opens at the Bull Theatre in High Barnet this weekend.

Lottie - Rachael Berry - Oil on MDF
I’m really excited about this show! The opening day festival starts at 3.30pm on Sunday and will include live painting, live music, spoken word performances and talks from exhibitors against a carefully selected display of Art works from 30 of the best emerging and established artists in the UK. Here’s the event page. Please feel free to invite anyone you feel might be interested.
I’m exhibiting some of my hyperrealist works alongside the Undiscovered Creature Project¬†illustrations¬†I have been working on with BBC wildlife Artist of the year finalist, aerosol master and tattoo artist¬†SCAB.

'IN ART WE TRUST' smaller version

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MEMORABILIA, in aid of Great Ormand Street Hospital.

This summer I am very proud to be a part of several very exciting group shows across the south. The first was Chorderize, a showcase of work by Undecided Art Collective members at Quay Arts in Newport (which had great reviews) and the second kicked off last week here in London.

Memorabilia banner
Immensely talented Visual Artist¬†Carne Griffiths has been busy curating a very colourful and hugely successful exhibition in Leytonstone in aid of the¬†Great Ormand Street Hospital¬†children’s charity.¬†The show entitled Memorabilia exploded spectacularly onto the vast walls of Norlington Road Studios last weekend in a cascade of nostalgia and apparently infinite skill. Themed largely on childhood memories, the show features more than 100 Artists who are donating between 30-100% of all proceeds from sales of their work to Great Ormand Street Hospital.

Rachael, Carne, Noemi and Clare

At the Memorabilia Show on Sunday Afternoon with Carne Griffiths, his daughter Noemi and Great Ormand Street Charity Ambassador Clare Smallman.

I attended the opening night on Saturday and was entirely blown away by the variety and quality of the work. Here are just a few great Artists I have discovered through the event so far and a few old favourites who are also exhibiting..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Newly extended, the show will now run until this weekend (Sunday July 14th) and is well worth a visit if you’re in the area. If you can’t make the show in person there is also an online store featuring a huge amount of work from the show, all of which is for sale in aid of GOSH.

Here’s a statement from Artist and curator Carne Griffiths:

“Last year we were told our beautiful daughter had a condition known as Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. We were told she had a 50% survival chance at birth. Thanks to the amazing care of Great Ormond Street Hospital, she is now 9 months old, has just come off her feeding tube and is getting stronger every day. This exhibition is our way of saying thank you to the people that saved her life, and to the resources that we were fortunate enough to have access to.”

“A minimum of 30% of the work for sale will go to GOSH, but artists can choose to donate more if they wish.”
Carne Griffiths, Curator
Memorabilia event flyer crop

The next group show on my calender is the ‘In Art We Trust’ show, opening this Sunday, July 14th at the Bull Theatre in Barnet and set to be another top-notch display from over 30 emerging and established Artists. Click here for more details.

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THIS WEEKEND!!! Happening right now! Be there or be somewhere else not quite so full of awesome art for excellent causes!! There are space hoppers too… ūüôā

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Isle of Arts Festival 2013

This April we were¬†privileged¬†to see the return to to Ventnor of the exceptional¬†Isle of Arts Festival. The three day Festival, now entering it’s fourth year, is a celebration of the Arts and successfully¬†brings together an extensive range of events focusing on literature, music, comedy, visual arts, photography, film and much more in the ‘delightfully eccentric’ seaside setting of Ventnor.


Isle of Arts Visual by Shaun Cuff.

The Undecided Art Collective¬†enthusiastically¬†joined this year’s bill with a special showcase of new work at Dixcey Studios as part of the Arts Trail event. We were treated to some beautiful sunny weather, a serious inundation¬†of really lovely visitors and some excellent live music from¬†Yank Heartstrings on our perfectly proportioned new window stage.

Photo by Chemical Gdns

Photo by Chemical Gdns

Photo by Chemical Gdns


Photo by Stuart Harris of the Pumpkin Tide

Yank Heartstrings. Photo by Chemical Gdns


Yank Heartstrings. Photo by Chemical Gdns


Yank Heartstrings. Photo by Chemical Gdns

Rachael Berry - Christopher Liddiard Black eye

Me with my painting of Christopher and the man himself. Photo by Stuart Harris of the Pumpkin Tide.

Definitely our most successful exhibition to date, the UAC goes from strength to strength and is super proud to have been be a part of the Isle of Arts Festival.

Our next Undecided Art Collective exhibition is already well under way and scheduled to take place during another exceptional Island event, the (frankly fabulous) Ventnor Fringe Festival – 14th > 17th of August this year.

I’ll be posting more information as soon as it’s¬†available. In the mean time if you’re interested in performing at this year’s Fringe event there are just under two weeks remaining to make your submission.

“Applications are open to artists of any creative medium and at any stage in their career.”
“The basic concept is that artists run their own events and keep all of their own ticket sales. The Ventnor Fringe never takes a commission.”

Bloody brilliant!
I had such a great time at the UAC VFringe show last year and would strongly recommend that anyone tempted to get involved with &/or attend this years Fringe festivities should find a nice fat pen and set it firmly in their diaries.

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